Friday, 19 August 2011

Kuala Lumpur - Day 1

Okay, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia is famous for its Petronas Tower. With 88 floor count, currently it's still the highest twin building ever made in the history. Am i impress? Sadly no... lol

Anyway, things to do when you arrive at Kuala Lumpur is to find the Skybus from Air Asia - or other city bus that travel to KL Sentral. Usually cost around RM 7 - 8 for one person. But becareful for your belonging if you carry a lot of stuff. They don't tag any number on your luggage, so it might missing if you're not careful.

If you arrive in KLIA, then you just need to take the train that will travel to KL Sentral. The above information is if you arrive in KLCCT.

Well, now you're in KL Sentral, and you need to take the monorail to go to citycenter. There's 2 scenario in here.

  1. If you take the bus from KLCCT, just go straight till the end. There you will find the main street, and turn right at the traffic light. Look to your right, there should be the sign that saying you heading to the monorail station. Keep heading straight, and look to your left - around 250m from the traffic light, you should find the station now. Pay what you need to pay for the ticket, and wait for the train to take you to your destination.
  2. Let say you arrive in KL Sentral from KLIA. All you need to do is look to your left and find the exit door once you inside KL Sentral. From there, take the escalator down, turn left, and keep heading straight until you find the main street. Rest of it should be the same as point no.1
Okay, there you go for the way to citycenter. Me myself and my wife, we went straight to Bukit Bintang from KLCCT. Well, we were lost for a bit in KL Sentral, because there's no sign at all to tell you which way is the train station. Anyway, we still a bit lost once we arrive at Bukit

I remember it was around 2-3pm, it was HOOOTTT, and we were thirsty, and still couldn't find the hotel. Lucky the people in Malaysia speak good English. So we manage to find the hotel, which is actually 50 - 80 meter from the station.

Not long after we arrive at our hotel, it's dinner time! Well, mostly our trip this time to KL is to eat... :p

So after reading from couples blog also, we decided to go to Jalan Alor - "Jalan" means "Street"

There's a bunch of chinese food till the end of the street. Too many restaurant, it's all look the same, and they don't have the price in the menu. So we go till the end of the street first to see which one have price in the menu.

We ends up in a chinese restaurant that quite crowded - so it must be good we thought. We order 3 4 dishes, pork noodles, rice noodles, stingray and bbq chicken wing. I'm quite impress with the pork noodles, taste good, and same thing with the rice noodles. But not for the stingray and bbq chicken wing. Pricewise is quite cheap. Around 9RM for 1 dishes.

That's all for the day! And we visit the minimarket to buy some mineral water and snack. And look what we found! Smarties! Yum! Been like forever since the last time i ate those

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