Friday, 19 August 2011

Kuala Lumpur - Day 2

Here comes the 2nd day in Kuala Lumpur. After looking around Bukit Bintang area and find nothing interesting - except for the shopping mall, we decided to take a look at the Petronas Tower. Since people said it's really awesome and a most go spot, we discuss whether we should take the monorail or just walk to Petronas.

After a long discussion with my wife, we decided to walk to Petronas. Since this is the first time we i visit Kuala Lumpur, we want to see what we can find along our way to Petronas from Bukit Bintang. Sadly, nothing to interesting. Except we went into the Pavillion mall and we know what to have for dinner!

So it's around 12pm, we were hungry and dying to eat. But since it's halfway already to Petronas tower - according to the map it's only 5-10 minutes walk, we thought we might want to eat at KLCC foodcourt. One of my Malaysian friend told me that i should stop at KLCC mall to eat if im going to Petronas tower.

So again, i blame the stupid map that i got from our hotel. We saw there's a big convention center (it was written KLCC in the map, and at the front of the building if i'm not wrong). So we walk into, and find ourself a small foodcourt with only 5-6 stall.

And well, here's our lunch

Cost us if im not wrong 11RM. So after 10 more minutes walk from the convention center, we finally arrived at Petronas Tower. It took us around 30 minutes walk - again, i blame on my map.

So we saw there's a big mall behind the Petronas Tower, and we took some pictures over there - since there's a lot of people taking picture too.

And once we enter the Suria KLCC Mall, i start to having doubt that the foodcourt we have lunch before is not the same foodcourt that my friend told me to go. And well, there's a lot of choices of food inside the Suria KLCC Mall. I did said i blame on my stupid map ain't i?

Seems like Kuala Lumpur is not really friendly with me. We ran out of the ticket to Petronas Tower because it's around 2 PM already. Well, here's the important information in case you want to go inside Petronas Tower.

  • It's only open from Tuesday to Sunday. So forget it if you visiting KL on Monday - except it's public holiday
  • It's limited for 1000 people only per day
  • They start selling the ticket since 8.30 AM, you might want to come early. Because it's first come first serve.
  • For each 25 minutes time slots, they only allow 25 people to go up to the skybridge.
  • On Friday they close from 1PM to 2.30 PM
  • One person can only buy maximum 5 tickets
  • Price for Sky Bridge is RM 10, and extra 40RM if you want to see the observation deck
 And also don't forget to visit the Pavilion Mall. They have bunch of selection at the foodcourt. Try J.Co Donuts if you haven't try it. It's a bit sweet, but it's famous in Southeast Asia, specially Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Well, that's all for our short trip in Kuala Lumpur. Next i will write our trips to Mui Ne - Viet Nam.

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