Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cheap Foods in Viet Nam - Suon Nuong

Now i would like to share what i eat for almost everyday in Viet Nam. Basically it's a Pork BBQ, and serve with the fish sauce. It's called suon nuong in Vietnamese, don't ask me how to pronounce it since i'm having a hard time also.

Most people eat it with rice, and it's like "fried chicken" dishes in Vietnam. They eat it for lunch, dinner, sometimes even for breakfast. But some also eat it with rice noodles. But most of the time, the dishes will be called as "Com Tam Suon Nuong + Bi + Cha" in the menu. Com Tam is for the broken rice, and Bi is for the shredded pork skin and Cha is for Egg Custard with pork.

Is it delicious? I find it taste weird for the Bi and Cha first time i eat it. But after that, i eat it like crazy. But the Pork BBQ / Pork chops taste really delicious!

Anyway for the pricing it's really depend on where you eat this stuff. If you order it from a restaurant or cafe, most likely will cost you like $3-$4 per dishes. But if you eat it in some local vietnamese restaurant sidewalk stall, probably just cost 50cent or $1 per dishes.

Surely you guys can tell which one is the expensive one and which one is the street food right? Sorry for the bad quality picture, taken from ipod touch.

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