Saturday, 3 September 2011

Phan Thiet - Mui Ne day 2

Okay, here's day 2 in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne. We decided to visit the Red Sand Dune and White Sand Dune - well, this is what the trip is all about. We only amazed at both the Red sand dune and White sand dune when we saw Mui Ne from thet Internet. So we woke up early, hoping to see the sunrise.

It's 5 o'clock in the morning. We thought it's enough time from the hotel to the first destination - Red Sand Dune. But well, seems like we have to woke up early to see the sunrise. Once we reach the Red Sand Dune, it's crowded already and full of people.

See picture above ? Yes, that's 5.30 AM. So better hurry up if you dont want to miss the sunrise. Anyway, here's how to reach the Red Sand Dune from Mui Ne.

It's quite simple actually from Mui Ne. All you need to do is just keep heading straight, until you reach a church at the traffic light ( the church will be on your left) you won't miss it, really. It's around 15-20 minutes ride from Mui Ne to the church, depend on how fast you go.
Turn left once you see the church and the traffic light, and you want to keep going straight from here for around 5 minutes - and you will find yourself another traffic light. Turn left again, and keep heading until you find large traffic roundabout, go right from there and there's Red sand dune on your left side.

If you go with motorbike, just park the motorbike inside the cafe infront of the Red Sand Dune. They charge you like 5.000 VND.

If you planning to visit White sand dune, skip the sand slide in here. It's far much worth it at the White Sand rather than the Red Sand Dune. Oh, and please bring bottled water because it can be quite exhausting climbing up those sand dune.

And then here's the direction to White sand dune. Once you take your motorbike out, you better check on your fuel. You need at least half-full tank to reach the White sand. So please, fill in the fuel unless you want to push your motorbike - trust me, you won't like it. If you running short of fuel, don't worry. The cafe where you park your bike, they sell the fuel also.

Anyway, you want go right from where you park your motorbike. The way to White sand dune is pretty far, 30-40 minutes or around 20-25km. So be patient. And if you got lost and not so sure, just ask the local. Tell them you want to find the direction to Bao Trang - that's what they called the White sand dune.

Just keep heading straight for 5 minutes, and you will find a gas station on your right. In case you haven't fill in the gas, here's your only chance. From there, just keep heading straight until you find this :
Take the left one, don't go on the right  one. The right one will be looks like small street and it will reach the beach. Just keep heading straight from the left one. It's pretty damn far from here before you reach White sand dune. So just keep heading straight for like 10 minutes until you will find a intersection (see picture below), take the left.

From here, just keep going straight, you half way to the White sand dune already. Finally you find cemetery on your right after 5 minutes ride from the intersection. From there, just keep heading for around 10 minutes. You will see another gas station on your right. The gas station looks old, so it's actually there's 2 gas station on your way to White sand dune from Mui Ne. But i still prefer the first gas station rather than the second one.

Not far from the gas station, you will se an unfinished hotel / villa / building on your right. Now you're almost reach your destination. Now you want to find a dirt road on your right, that's the entrance to White Sand dune.
Just find that Honda Toan sign like the picture above. That's the entry to the White sand dune. The road is rocky and unfinished, so it's gonna be a rough ride. Don't go too fast unless you quite confident with your motorbike driving skill. It's another 5-8 minutes ride before you really reach the White sand dune.

Just keep heading straight, until you find this sign :

Just turn left once you see the "Bao Trang" sign. And park your motorbike inside, it cost you around 3.000 VND if im not wrong, just see what's it written on the parking ticket. You have to walk from there to reach the White sand dune. And that's all, enjoy the White sand dune!


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