Sunday, 4 September 2011


Yes i know, it's a bit out of topic. But in my opinion it's still a good information to write in this blog. So last week i went back to Jakarta for couple days. And on my way back to Ho Chi Minh City, i have to use 2 diffrent airlines. The first airlines arrived on KLIA, and i use Air Asia to HCMC which in LCCT. So that's mean i have to travel between the 2 airport. My flight arrived in KLIA on 12.05 PM if it's not delay - and Thank Jesus the flight is on time. And the 2nd flight to HCMC will be on 14.55.

So i quickly rush to find the imigration, and i couldn't find it. Since this is my first time in KLIA, i have no idea where's the immigration is. So anyway, i have to take a train from where i arrived to another platform. Okay, back to the topic again.

So let say you clear the immigration already, just go outside and find the elevator that goes to the 2nd floor. It's actually go down from where you at, not going up. Once you exit the elevator, find the 2nd floor sign - just to make sure you're on the right floor. Just turn to the left, and search for the "KLIA-LCCT" sign.

If you follow the instruction right, you will find yourself a escalator that goes down and a "KLIA-LCCT" sign next to it. Go down, find the platform "10" - it's on your right. That's all.

Notes : Ask first before you get on the bus. Just to make sure the bus really take you to LCCT.

  1. Bus ticket is only RM 2.50, and Taxi is around RM 40.
  2. From the taxi counter to platform "10" - where the bus at, it only take 5 minutes walk.
  3. From KLIA to LCCT is around 15-25 minutes, depend on the traffic.
  4. The bus usually wait until they get at least 75-80% of full passenger before they depart. So that's 25-35 minutes waiting inside the bus.
  5. You need at least 3 hour difference between your flight if you want to take the bus from KLIA to LCCT, even with taxi actually
Okay, im gonna noted it down again point by point how to reach LCCT from KLIA.

  1. Clear your immigration
  2. Get your luggage
  3. Keep heading right and find elevator that goes to 2nd floor
  4. Exit the elevator, turn to the left find "KLIA-LCCT" sign
  5. Search for a escalator - it should be in front of you, and go down
  6. Find a platform "10" - it will be on your right
  7. Ask first before you get on the bus, is it to LCCT or not, in case they change the platform.
  8. Pay the RM 2.50 once you get on the bus

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